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Monday, November 21, 2011

10 Examples of actors who should have never donned the cape...Part Three!!

Yes, I know I  am a wee bit behind on posting, but with the Holidays, and jury duty (justice was served by the way); and coming soon an awesum,funny,and innovative new online comic from 3RING STUDIOS and LiLBatti I  have been a bit busy.....that  being said, lets continue with the Fanboy ranting...Okay, the final four in the lineup of indeed the absomurfly WORST choices in Fanboy filmdom. It is truly a disgrace and a dishonor to Fanboys and Fangirls from across the galaxy.  Be it because they  were popular actors/actresses, or some sick directors twisted view of comic book reality (Tim Burton, damn you  Tim Burton, damn you  to Hades), these choices for actors have put a poopstain on some iconic Fanboy characters...

Number Four: "Every body, CHILL!"
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mister Freeze from Batman and Robin
Does Joel Shoemmacher freebase cocaine?  Seriously to think that AH-NOLD was a good choice for Mr Freeze.  Then again this is the man who  is responsible for nipples on the Bat-Suit.  Could someone please explain to  me what  purpose nipples serve on a Bat-Suit??? So  what, are they  hollow and he keeps change in there? But back  to the matter at  hand.... Arnold makes over 15 cheese-ball references to "cold" in this  movie..
if you  saw the animated feature Sub-Zero ...
the character  of Mr Freeze is NOT a  Muscle -bound, cigar smoking STOOGE like Arnold makes him out  to  be. Yes this film was extremely  campy, with  Bat-Nipples, Bat-Crotch and Bat-Butt shots, Bat-Credit cards and the like. But this was just  wayyy  too  much. I  would have rather  seen Otto Preminger (the Mr Freeze  from the 1960's 
 Batman), at  least you  can understand what the HELL  he is sasying!!
Let's see who would I  have chosen to  play the part  of Mr Freeze?.... Oh, I  dunno, maybe Sir Patrick Stewart!?!?!?!?  yeah, ok, Arnold was popular  back then but  damn how about  a little character  examination first  before  you  go casting!?!?
And if Locutus of BORG wasn't  available, how about Peter Postlethwaite, who was also  a badass actor in his own respect! (The Lost  World Jurassic Park and Romeo and Juliet)
now you  look at these 3 pix and  YOU tell ME who  would have made a better Mr Freeze!

"Time to put you ....on ICE!"
Number 3 - 3.5
"What happens to a Toad when it is struck by lightning?... I  dunno, how many  toads are actually struck by lightning per year?"

Yes, i  am talking about....ugh, Halle Berry  as Storm from the first  three X-Men Films, X-Men, X2 and X-Men 3 United,
as well as ...(throwing up a little in my mouth) Catwoman...

The MARVEL COMICS character  of STORM (Ororo Munroe)
The character  of STORM is of a woman who is confident without being cocky, an almost REGAL presence even with just the way she walks,(she IS a Princess after  all) with a potential ferocity that rivals Wolverine's; and on the other hand a motherly compassion (especially with Kitty Pryde, the bond between Kitty and Logan aka Wolverine wasn't until later, in fact she even states that she was actually  more afraid of Wolverine than of Nightcrawler.... you  see the masses would know this if the films hadn't  steered so far way from  cannon!...the X-Men films are a topic for another time...) The only  ferocity that  Halle Berry  has  was probably when she hit that  person with  her car! When the first  X-Men came out, Halle Berry  was the "IT Black Actress" so to speak. Because the is cute and won an OSCAR for BEST ACTRESS for her role in Monster's Ball. (I  saw the movie.....umm I  don't get  it) I  am NOT dismissing the fact that  she is the first  Black female to win the Academy Award for Best Actress (even tho it probably should have gone to  Whoopii Goldberg a long time ago) But I  am sorry, aside from the fact  of her truly iconically stupid line....

she does NOT fit this role.....ta  all, not even remotely  close. You wanna talk  box office draw power? How many  people do you  honestly  think went to  see X-MEN because of Halle Berry??? The movie was should have been Fanboy Gold and could have been! Yes, the arguement is that there is TOO MUCH X-MEN HISTORY to  deal with, but there are element that  could have been added to  stay  close to  cannon, which would equate to  more box office draw and Fanboys and Fangirls going to  see it MULTIPLE TIMES. So  I  don't wanna hear any  claptrap about  box office draw. Don't sacrifice the integrity  of the movie for flashy, overrated actors/actresses!!!...DAMN! ya know who  would have been a MUCH  better  STORM?....

Angela Basset!!! (who i  understand was originally  offered the role and Halle Berry was the alternate choice.) She has that  "regal" presence, motherly tone, and if you  pissed her off, i don't think I  would wanna frack with her!

Or How aboot..
Sanaa Lathan! (BLADE)She has the presence, beauty, athletic and acting ability  to  pull off that  role!
or maybe.... 
N'Bushe Wright! (also in the movie BLADE) Another Black actress who  could have pulled off that  role!!

And so, what happens to  a Fanboy character who is cast in the movie version because of their "box office potential" instead of their actual fit in the role....the same thing as everything else....they  suck! 

CATWOMAN..... (sigh)
Umm do I  really have to say  anything else?
This was just  a STUPID FILM
Having a Catwoman movie without BATMAN is like...having a ROBIN the Boy Wonder movie..... without BATMAN!
I am hoping that  Anne Hatheway can pull this off (even though it wont be too hard to beat considering the previous Catwoman. 

I  am a little skeptical 
I  will admit I  am still  slightly  skeptical aboot Anne Hatheway as Catwoman.  The character of Catwoman is rather edgy and more complex than most  people realize.  I  just hope Nolan doesn't pull a Tim Burton and have her fall from a a building, land on an awning, have some cats lick her on the face and woo hoo, she's Catwoman. I will be stunned and amazed if they even come CLOSE to  cannon with  Catwoman. I  found out recently that  Anne Hatheway wasn't the only  actress considered... 
Jessica Biel 
was also considered....I  gotta say, I  think I might have gone for Jessica.

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